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Gareeb Sewa Society (GSS) however, is a non political body but we are concerned about the condition of the poor, and therefore have to carry out a strong awareness campaign amongst the poor and tell them as to why poverty is not eradicated and “How can it be eradicated through a massive campaign of mass awareness and educational programme.

Our mission is for complete eradication of poverty. We know that poverty can not be alleviated till corruption in high places is rooted out and the nexus between corrupt politicians, bureaucrat & police is brought to an end. If the present situation is allowed to continue it will take more than 150 years to eradicate poverty hunger and illiteracy from the country.

It is necessary to bring about radical changes in the constitution of India to protect the rights of the poor, and all attempts to divide the poor community on the basis of caste, religion, region & language should be stopped without any further waste of time.

Reservation on the basis of caste should be done away with, because it serves the purpose of the politicians only, as it has miserably failed to uplift the condition of the down trodden at the grass root level. It only serves the purpose of corrupt politicians. Reservation, however, should be on the basis of economic conditions starting from the poorest of the poor.

There should be a comprehensive socio-economic security net to cover all the economically weaker sections of the society.

There should be complete separation of powers amongst the three pillars of the constitution i.e. judiciary, legislature, and the executive.

There should be direct elections of the Prime Minister and Chief Minister of states.

Elected representatives of the public should not be made ministers. All the M.P's and MLA's are LAW Makers. They can make Laws but cannot implement the same themselves. In India there is no clear separation of powers between the legislature and the executive. Hence all M.P's and the MLA's want to become ministers and an unending chain of corruption starts from the very beginning.

In words of Mr. Vitthal (Ex-Chairman of Central Vigilance commission). The whole system is based on corruption. All discretionary powers of politicians should be mercilessly curtailed. Infect there is no need of ministers at all. Specialists in all fields of administration and governance should be posted as secretaries who can do the job. Law makers should have a check on them through committees of elected representatives or the law makers.

The present system of elections which is called “FIRST PAST THE POST” should be replaced by proportionate system according to the percentage of votes received by any party.

Comment your ideas, if you want to solve the problem of poverty from India & the world.

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Gareeb Sewa Society (GSS)
Mr. Madan Lal Arya, (President)
+91 9350985566, 011-47020954
Jagraj Deopa (Project Director)
21A, Adarsh Arya Apartment, Plot No. 39A, Sector-6, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075
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Gareeb Sewa Society (GSS) was established as a socio-economic development organization, is trying solve the problem of poverty, to upgrade the standard of the life of the most marginalized and vulnerable people of the society. Our objective to find out of the box solution, to solve the problem of the poverty...

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Mr. Madan Lal Arya, (President)
+91 9350985566, 011-47020954
Jagraj Deopa (Project Director)
21A, Adarsh Arya Apartment, Plot No. 39A, Sector-6, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075